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Here you will find my collection of accurate and detailed transcriptions as Guitar tabs + Piano sheets + Bass tabs with Chords and Lyrics that will teach how to Play Like The Greats.


I fell flat for the songs of Blake Mills

Jon Frederiksen


Now and then, you stumble across new music and wonder, 'Where did this hide all this time?'. That was my wonderment, when I fell flat for songs of Blake Mills one year ago.

Blake Mills is a one-man army: a session-guitarist, a producer, and a singer-songwriter. He grew up on the L.A. music scene and quickly earned a reputation for being that wonder-child guitar-player, and, being born in 1986, as that surprisingly mature musician for his age. (His debut solo album, Breaking Mirrors (2010), came out when he was just 24 years old). He is one of those natural talents and guitar visionaries who will set the tone in the decades to come. Remember the name: Blake Mills.

For the newcomers, start with his second and latest solo album, Heigh Ho (2014).

At this point, you can find these transcriptions in the shop:
- Before It Fell
- [Cuban-inspired piece, untitled]
- Cry to Laugh
- Don't Tell Our Friends About Me
- Half Asleep
- If I'm Unworthy
- Just Out of View

Being a session-guitarist, these tunes testify to his technical innovations on the instrument. Though he plays like a virtuoso (his slide-playing is mind-blowing), he has an arranger's mind, knowing his instrument's proper role: He can lay down a solid accompaniment in the verses, and can whirl up melodic fills in the interludes. This has made him a session-guitarist in demand; just try visiting his Wikipedia-page and see whose sessions he recorded on...

Being a producer, these tunes testify to a talent for taming the studio. He is a wizard of sounds, and all the tracks sound sonically warm and musically honest. These latest years, "producer" has been his main title, working with Fiona Apple, John Legend, Lucinda Williams, etc.

Being a singer-songwriter, these tunes testify to a poetic talent as well. I will let these two verses speak for themselves:

He'd say, "Go to College, get your knowledge straightened out!",
with an air of desperation in the way that it sounded,
like he'd bet on it, and now it seemed his odds were down.
"Thank you, Dad, I love you, and I'll make you proud.
I'm sorry, I never took the road you laid down".
It'll all work out. It'll all work out. It'll all work out.

- excerpt from "It'll All Work Out" (2010)

Did I ever really need your help,
to tell me something I already know about myself?
Or was this a joke that only time could tell?
I cry whenever I try to laugh.

- excerpt from "Cry to Laugh" (2014)

Finally, let me let you off the hook with a bit of inspirational youtubery:

Great Live Performances
- "If I'm Unworthy" (2015)
- "Don't Our Friends About Me" (2014)
- "It'll All Work Out" (2012)
- "When I Paint My Masterpiece", Bob Dylan cover (2015)
- [Cuban-inspired piece, untitled] (2013)

Great Interviews
- Guitar Moves - ep. 2: Blake Mills
- Guitar Power - ep. 4: Blake Mills
- Fretboard Journal Live - 34th issue: Blake Mills
Sound & Vision - ep. 4: Blake Mills

Musical regards,
6th of September 2017

Julian Lage ...just in case you haven't heard of him yet

Jon Frederiksen

Dear guitarists,

A bright new star has appeared in the jazzy night sky. His name is Julian Lage. Perhaps you spotted him already - I hadn't, until a few months ago, when one of my customers recommended me looking him up. This blog post here is really just my writing ovation - and as with any infatuation's first months, it is very hard to come up with any bad things worth mentioning. So let me come up with all good things.

Of the numerous upcoming guitarists on the jazz scene, this guy must have been around the longest. Julian Lage was one of those heavenly talented child prodigies spotted early and nursed with musical education. He jammed with Carlos Santana at the age of 10, with Martin Taylor since the age of 11, played at the Grammy Award show at the age of 12, was taken under the wings of vibraphonist Gary Burton at the age of 14, and gave lessons at Stanford since the age of 15. What have regular guitarist accomplished at that age? Wonderwall, perhaps?

Julian Lage Fender Telecaster

Needless to say, he is already a masterful player and improviser. His terrifying technique make guitar playing appear so seamless that you forget all about earthly limitations. Until you attempt it yourself, of course. In 2010, he began a series of guitar etudes posted on Youtube, that are worth checking out and try out. Besides his masterfully inspiring technique, his improvisational skills are just as impressive and testifies to a truly musical core. His latest two solo albums have displayed his own impressive original material. The acoustic solo album of 2015, World's Fair (available on iTunes), is packed with diversely beautiful and technically innovative tunes - check out this fine performance of the tune 40's. Latest, the electric trio album of 2016, Arclight (available on iTunes), with bassist Scott Colley and drummer Kenny Wollesen, is an album of wonderfully arranged compositions mixing genres from across the globe and the 20th century - check out the single, Nocturne.

I am already in full swing transcribing and practicing this incredibly giving music. So far, I have finished these following songs, and I can guarantee hours of challenging and healthy guitar practice. Enjoy!

Musical regards,
11th June 2016

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Catalogue Completed!

Jon Frederiksen

The past month I have been working on transcribing the newly released Dizzy Mizz Lizzy album, Forward in Reverse ... Now, I am proud to announce that the album collection is finally completed!

Check out the Forward in Reverse (album collection)
- including Guitar and Bass tabs, chords and sheet music/score.

This new album features some spectacular instrumentalist feats - and hours of rewarding practicing. For this brood of songs, the guitarists are especially in for a treat. Tim Christensen has developed a new guitar playing-style in the dropped-C tuning, incorporating phrases into standard power chord-playing, which lets you practice left-hand muting, palm-muting and successive down-picking in a high tempo. I have not seen this style anywhere else, and I think this be considered a genuine innovation of his.

Let me add that I am personally very satisfied with these transcriptions. Honestly, I must admit to having developed a bit of a responsibility for producing these transcriptions for the Dizzy-fans, since I posted my first tab for Waterline back in June, 2005. With this new album collection completed, the entire Dizzy Mizz Lizzy catalogue is now available. To me, that is a really big deal, and I sincerely hope it will benefit you too!

Musical regards,
16th May 2016

the old Dizzy Mizz Lizzy catalogue

Jon Frederiksen

Dear Dizzy Mizz Lizzy fans,

I have been shouting along to 'Dizzy-songs' since before I can remember. For the newcomers, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy is a Danish hard rock band that emerged in the mid 90ies during the Danish ripples of the Grunge wave. Their songs are snappy guitar-based rock songs with clear reverberations of 80ies' guitar-fascination. The front man, guitarist and singer, Tim Christensen, is the band's musical powerhouse and author of many riffs for the air-guitarists and catchy tunes for the beatles-phile. The band split in the late 90ies, and Tim Christensen continued into a successful solo career. The last few year, however, the band has experienced a revival as the music of their only two albums, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (1994) and Rotator (1996), has steadily sprouted back to the surface in the collective consciousness of Danish rock. After a few test-run revival gigs, the band is now back together and will soon be releasing their third album, Forward in Reverse (2016), 18 years after their last album.

 bassist  Martin Nielsen , drummer  Søren Friis , guitarist+singer  Tim Christensen

bassist Martin Nielsen, drummer Søren Friis, guitarist+singer Tim Christensen

I wanted to be able to play these songs since before I first picked up a guitar. Though the songs are relatively straightforward, the guitar-style and innovations of Tim Christensen are a great study for any electric guitarist. Myself, I have learned ever so much from playing these songs by now that I could hardly hide the inspiration in my own style. And now, as I am good enough to properly transcribe this music, I am now releasing these thoroughly made transcriptions in tabs, chords and lyrics, for both guitar and bass.

I hereby humbly present to you - the old Dizzy Mizz Lizzy catalogue - and I sincerely hope that you Dizzy players will appreciate this work.

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (album collection)

Rotator (album collection)

The Best of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (album collection)

Musical regards,
7th April 2016

Father John Misty has descended

Jon Frederiksen

This year, 2015, the career of Father John Misty headed for the sky with the release of his second album, I Love You, Honeybear.

With his debut album from 2012, Fear Fun, he declared independence from the Fleet Foxes, primed the media, and readied the folksy fans for his solo resurrection. With this new album, all second album-difficulties seemed relinquished, and it received great reviews all across the board. He has become a media darling for his John Lennon-esque cheeky and eloquent bantering of show business and the fuzz surrounding idolization.

I usually get hooked on new music by a catchy chord progression, or a flashy instrumentalist feat. None of that seemed necessary here. I reckon, the music of FJM is attractive for much the same reason that the music of Leonard Cohen is. The lyrical side of it is a relieving demonstration in poetic depth and layers of interpretation. It opens an existentialist space full of insights into angst, love, and that damned human condition. It is sensitivity for the cynic and hymns for the faithless. With these blog entries I wish to highlight some of the music I hold especially dear, and this is surely no exception.

Thus far, I have these sheets to guide you:

Musical regards,
13th October 2015

Rufus! Rufus! Rufus!

Jon Frederiksen

One musical character who has remained fascinating to me is the great Rufus Wainwright. If you haven't heard of him by now, well, there is only so much more to dive into. At this point, I reckon he be considered among the big song-writers of our time, and at this point, he might even live up to that Elton John quote often tossed around by promoting journalists.

Rufus Wainwright is a humorous, glamorously gay, cheeky, showmanship-minded composer; always with a profound ready answer in interviews and on stage. Besides this, he is an impressive musician himself - an ambitious piano player and arranger, a terrifyingly talented singer, and of course a heavenly gifted composer. (I will appropriately leave his guitar skills out of this otherwise praising blog).

At times, there is an almost mystical aspect to it. Do you know that moment when your words just grossly fail to do justice? His music often escapes description in that way. It doesn't just soundtrack the listener's well-traveled emotional landscape but teaches the listener new places to go! As a transcriber, I can tell that the music is mystically alive when notating all the instruments still doesn't demystify a thing!

From a musician's standpoint, his piano playing is especially noteworthy. Since I still have a lot to learn from his etude-like piano songs, I will surely keep the transcriptions coming on this site. These are the songs I have prepared so far:



Musical regards,
10th September 2015


I give in to the pop music of Sam Smith & Jimmy Napes

Jon Frederiksen

I always though it was too corny. And it certainly still is. But, oh my, I don't care!

This week I finally discovered Sam Smith's album of last year, 'In the Lonely Hour', which seem to keep radiating hits through the radio. This genre is perhaps as far from groundbreaking avant-garde as you get, but since the songwriting is so well crafted, this serves as solid ground for any lover of pop with a nerve of soul.

The pop-magic is emanating from the duo of songwriter Jimmy Napes and singer Sam Smith. You probably first heard it on the Disclosure hit, Latch, and now on Omen. Whether the sound production is pop-rock bare as 'In the Lonely Hour' or disguised in House, they continue down the songwriting trajectory we know from the sound of late-90ies/millennium boy-band music like that of Take That, Backstreet Boys, etc. The harmonies are simple and well-balanced; the melodies are catchy and always perfectly rounded off. Click here to see some footage of Sam Smith & Jimmy Napes by the piano.

This album has some respectable guitar and piano playing, which is elevated by simply being in the context of these well wrought songs. This music is simply an enjoyment to play.

Check out my complete piano sheets,

and guitar tabs,

Musical regards,
27th August 2015

Lianne La Havas' new album is out

Jon Frederiksen

You probably haven't heard of her yet: Lianne La Havas.

Last week she released her second album, Blood. This follows up her mesmerizing debut album Is Your Love Big Enough?, which made her a darling in my circle of musicians.

Lianne's guitar-play is complex, and her compositions are smoothly wrought. She is able to combine a catchy pop-melody with jazzy soul-lush harmonies and put a nostalgic British twist on it all.

Guitarists should study her ambitious guitar arrangements, all of which are impressively substantial pieces of finger-picking practice. To top things off, the new album adds the aspect of being extremely groovy. I will, surely, follow her closely.


Here you can already find guitar tabs/piano sheet music/bass tabs for 'Blood':

And, you can check out my previous sheets off the debut album, 'Is Your Love Big Enough?':


Best regards,
11th August 2015

"It's alive - it's alive!"

Jon Frederiksen

Hello Internet

Today I finalized the site, and I hope it is now fully functioning! If you have any problems or complaints, please report them here, and I will do what I can.

With this Blog section I will share with you my own musical excitement and thoughts over various artists, genres, or projects. These will naturally find their way onto this site also.

Best regards,