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Father John Misty has descended


Father John Misty has descended

Jon Frederiksen

This year, 2015, the career of Father John Misty headed for the sky with the release of his second album, I Love You, Honeybear.

With his debut album from 2012, Fear Fun, he declared independence from the Fleet Foxes, primed the media, and readied the folksy fans for his solo resurrection. With this new album, all second album-difficulties seemed relinquished, and it received great reviews all across the board. He has become a media darling for his John Lennon-esque cheeky and eloquent bantering of show business and the fuzz surrounding idolization.

I usually get hooked on new music by a catchy chord progression, or a flashy instrumentalist feat. None of that seemed necessary here. I reckon, the music of FJM is attractive for much the same reason that the music of Leonard Cohen is. The lyrical side of it is a relieving demonstration in poetic depth and layers of interpretation. It opens an existentialist space full of insights into angst, love, and that damned human condition. It is sensitivity for the cynic and hymns for the faithless. With these blog entries I wish to highlight some of the music I hold especially dear, and this is surely no exception.

Thus far, I have these sheets to guide you:

Musical regards,
13th October 2015