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Lianne La Havas' new album is out

Jon Frederiksen

You probably haven't heard of her yet: Lianne La Havas.

Last week she released her second album, Blood. This follows up her mesmerizing debut album Is Your Love Big Enough?, which made her a darling in my circle of musicians.

Lianne's guitar-play is complex, and her compositions are smoothly wrought. She is able to combine a catchy pop-melody with jazzy soul-lush harmonies and put a nostalgic British twist on it all.

Guitarists should study her ambitious guitar arrangements, all of which are impressively substantial pieces of finger-picking practice. To top things off, the new album adds the aspect of being extremely groovy. I will, surely, follow her closely.


Here you can already find guitar tabs/piano sheet music/bass tabs for 'Blood':

And, you can check out my previous sheets off the debut album, 'Is Your Love Big Enough?':


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11th August 2015