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I give in to the pop music of Sam Smith & Jimmy Napes

Jon Frederiksen

I always though it was too corny. And it certainly still is. But, oh my, I don't care!

This week I finally discovered Sam Smith's album of last year, 'In the Lonely Hour', which seem to keep radiating hits through the radio. This genre is perhaps as far from groundbreaking avant-garde as you get, but since the songwriting is so well crafted, this serves as solid ground for any lover of pop with a nerve of soul.

The pop-magic is emanating from the duo of songwriter Jimmy Napes and singer Sam Smith. You probably first heard it on the Disclosure hit, Latch, and now on Omen. Whether the sound production is pop-rock bare as 'In the Lonely Hour' or disguised in House, they continue down the songwriting trajectory we know from the sound of late-90ies/millennium boy-band music like that of Take That, Backstreet Boys, etc. The harmonies are simple and well-balanced; the melodies are catchy and always perfectly rounded off. Click here to see some footage of Sam Smith & Jimmy Napes by the piano.

This album has some respectable guitar and piano playing, which is elevated by simply being in the context of these well wrought songs. This music is simply an enjoyment to play.

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27th August 2015