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Here you will find my collection of accurate and detailed transcriptions as Guitar tabs + Piano sheets + Bass tabs with Chords and Lyrics that will teach how to Play Like The Greats.

the old Dizzy Mizz Lizzy catalogue


the old Dizzy Mizz Lizzy catalogue

Jon Frederiksen

Dear Dizzy Mizz Lizzy fans,

I have been shouting along to 'Dizzy-songs' since before I can remember. For the newcomers, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy is a Danish hard rock band that emerged in the mid 90ies during the Danish ripples of the Grunge wave. Their songs are snappy guitar-based rock songs with clear reverberations of 80ies' guitar-fascination. The front man, guitarist and singer, Tim Christensen, is the band's musical powerhouse and author of many riffs for the air-guitarists and catchy tunes for the beatles-phile. The band split in the late 90ies, and Tim Christensen continued into a successful solo career. The last few year, however, the band has experienced a revival as the music of their only two albums, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (1994) and Rotator (1996), has steadily sprouted back to the surface in the collective consciousness of Danish rock. After a few test-run revival gigs, the band is now back together and will soon be releasing their third album, Forward in Reverse (2016), 18 years after their last album.

 bassist  Martin Nielsen , drummer  Søren Friis , guitarist+singer  Tim Christensen

bassist Martin Nielsen, drummer Søren Friis, guitarist+singer Tim Christensen

I wanted to be able to play these songs since before I first picked up a guitar. Though the songs are relatively straightforward, the guitar-style and innovations of Tim Christensen are a great study for any electric guitarist. Myself, I have learned ever so much from playing these songs by now that I could hardly hide the inspiration in my own style. And now, as I am good enough to properly transcribe this music, I am now releasing these thoroughly made transcriptions in tabs, chords and lyrics, for both guitar and bass.

I hereby humbly present to you - the old Dizzy Mizz Lizzy catalogue - and I sincerely hope that you Dizzy players will appreciate this work.

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (album collection)

Rotator (album collection)

The Best of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (album collection)

Musical regards,
7th April 2016