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Julian Lage ...just in case you haven't heard of him yet


Julian Lage ...just in case you haven't heard of him yet

Jon Frederiksen

Dear guitarists,

A bright new star has appeared in the jazzy night sky. His name is Julian Lage. Perhaps you spotted him already - I hadn't, until a few months ago, when one of my customers recommended me looking him up. This blog post here is really just my writing ovation - and as with any infatuation's first months, it is very hard to come up with any bad things worth mentioning. So let me come up with all good things.

Of the numerous upcoming guitarists on the jazz scene, this guy must have been around the longest. Julian Lage was one of those heavenly talented child prodigies spotted early and nursed with musical education. He jammed with Carlos Santana at the age of 10, with Martin Taylor since the age of 11, played at the Grammy Award show at the age of 12, was taken under the wings of vibraphonist Gary Burton at the age of 14, and gave lessons at Stanford since the age of 15. What have regular guitarist accomplished at that age? Wonderwall, perhaps?

Julian Lage Fender Telecaster

Needless to say, he is already a masterful player and improviser. His terrifying technique make guitar playing appear so seamless that you forget all about earthly limitations. Until you attempt it yourself, of course. In 2010, he began a series of guitar etudes posted on Youtube, that are worth checking out and try out. Besides his masterfully inspiring technique, his improvisational skills are just as impressive and testifies to a truly musical core. His latest two solo albums have displayed his own impressive original material. The acoustic solo album of 2015, World's Fair (available on iTunes), is packed with diversely beautiful and technically innovative tunes - check out this fine performance of the tune 40's. Latest, the electric trio album of 2016, Arclight (available on iTunes), with bassist Scott Colley and drummer Kenny Wollesen, is an album of wonderfully arranged compositions mixing genres from across the globe and the 20th century - check out the single, Nocturne.

I am already in full swing transcribing and practicing this incredibly giving music. So far, I have finished these following songs, and I can guarantee hours of challenging and healthy guitar practice. Enjoy!

Musical regards,
11th June 2016