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I fell flat for the songs of Blake Mills

Jon Frederiksen


Now and then, you stumble over new music and wonder, 'Where did this hide all this time?'. That was how I wondered last year, when I fell flat for songs of Blake Mills. I almost feel bad for not spreading the words and music before now!

Blake Mills is a one-man army - a session-guitarist, a producer, a singer-songwriter. He grew up on the L.A. music scene and quickly earned a reputation for being that fabulous guitar-player, and, being born in 1986, as that surprisingly mature musician for his age. (His debut solo album, Breaking Mirrors (2010), came out when he was just 24 years old). He is one of those natural talents and guitar visionaries who will control the tone in the decades to come. So, remember the name - Blake Mills.

Start with the tunes on is second and latest album, Heigh Ho (2014).

At this point, you can find these transcriptions in the shop:
- Before It Fell
- [Cuban-inspired piece, untitled]
- Cry to Laugh
- Don't Tell Our Friends About Me
- Half Asleep
- If I'm Unworthy
- Just Out of View

Being a session-guitarist, these tunes testify to his technical innovations on the instrument. Though he plays like an virtuoso - notice his slide-playing - he has an arranger's mind, knowing his instrument's proper role: He lays down a dense accompaniment in the verses, and whirls up melodic fills in the interludes. This has made him a session-guitarist in demand; just try visiting his Wikipedia-page and see whose sessions he recorded on...

Being a producer, these tunes testify to a talent for taming the studio. He is a wizard of sounds, and all the tracks sound sonically warm and musically honest. These latest years, "producer" has been his main title, in working with especially Fiona Apple and John Legend.

Being a singer-songwriter, these tunes testify to a poetic talent as well. I will let these two verses speak for themselves:

He'd say, "Go to College, get your knowledge straightened out!",
with an air of desperation in the way that it sounded,
like he'd bet on it, and now it seemed his odds were down.
"Thank you, Dad, I love you, and I'll make you proud.
I'm sorry, I never took the road you laid down".
It'll all work out. It'll all work out. It'll all work out.

- excerpt from "It'll All Work Out" (2010)

Did I ever really need your help,
to tell me something I already know about myself?
Or was this a joke that only time could tell?
I cry whenever I try to laugh.

- excerpt from "Cry to Laugh" (2014)

Finally, let me let you off the hook with a bit of inspirational youtubery:

Great Live Performances
- "If I'm Unworthy" (2015)
- "Don't Our Friends About Me" (2014)
- "It'll All Work Out" (2012)
- "When I Paint My Masterpiece", Bob Dylan cover (2015)
- [Cuban-inspired piece, untitled] (2013)

Great Interviews
- Guitar Moves - ep. 2: Blake Mills
- Guitar Power - ep. 4: Blake Mills
- Fretboard Journal Live - 34th issue: Blake Mills
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Musical regards,
6th of September 2017