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Here you will find my collection of accurate and detailed transcriptions as Guitar tabs + Piano sheets + Bass tabs with Chords and Lyrics that will teach how to Play Like The Greats.

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Catalogue Completed!


Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Catalogue Completed!

Jon Frederiksen

The past month I have been working on transcribing the newly released Dizzy Mizz Lizzy album, Forward in Reverse ... Now, I am proud to announce that the album collection is finally completed!

Check out the Forward in Reverse (album collection)
- including Guitar and Bass tabs, chords and sheet music/score.

This new album features some spectacular instrumentalist feats - and hours of rewarding practicing. For this brood of songs, the guitarists are especially in for a treat. Tim Christensen has developed a new guitar playing-style in the dropped-C tuning, incorporating phrases into standard power chord-playing, which lets you practice left-hand muting, palm-muting and successive down-picking in a high tempo. I have not seen this style anywhere else, and I think this be considered a genuine innovation of his.

Let me add that I am personally very satisfied with these transcriptions. Honestly, I must admit to having developed a bit of a responsibility for producing these transcriptions for the Dizzy-fans, since I posted my first tab for Waterline back in June, 2005. With this new album collection completed, the entire Dizzy Mizz Lizzy catalogue is now available. To me, that is a really big deal, and I sincerely hope it will benefit you too!

Musical regards,
16th May 2016