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Here you will find my collection of accurate and detailed transcriptions as Guitar tabs + Piano sheets + Bass tabs with Chords and Lyrics that will teach how to Play Like The Greats.

Terms & Conditions

The website platform: This site is facilitated by the website-platform of Squarespace, and the payment systems by Stripe and PayPal are integrated into the platform. Hence, basic site-functionality, including the payment systems, is and beyond my managing. Problems regarding such matters must therefore be directed towards these service providers.


All is digital: This site sells digital files (pdf, midi, xml, mp3) that are downloaded after purchase. The download-link expires after 24 hours, so please download the files within this time window. This site does not sell or distribute physical paper. Neither do I sell the original GP-files, since these are simply too easy to submit elsewhere for free.

Refunds: Since it is impossible to refund the purchase of digital files, I only refund purchases in cases of a mistaken double purchase or other plain technical errors.


Dissatisfied?: If you in any way feel dissatisfied with anything on the site – e.g. the quality of the product, transcription mistakes, non-working files, etc. – just mail me at
I will do what I can to restore your sense of satisfaction, within reasonable limits of fairness.


The uniform $4 price: Though all songs take a varying amount of work, their price is uniform, based on the notion that different player-levels or tastes in music should be charged equally.

Requests: I rarely transcribe songs on requests, but you are very welcome to email me. My minimum transcription fee is $ 100,-.


The software: The music software used for the transcriptions are Guitar Pro 6 / Guitar Pro 7 / Soundslice.

The creator: This site's transcriptions are made entirely and solely by the creator of the site, Jon S. Frederiksen.

Royalties: Regarding royalties, admittedly, I am still in the process of reaching out to establishing license agreements with the relevant publishers, record companies, independent artists, etc.. I intend and hope to pay every proper penny of royalties to every featured artists; yet, due to the impassable and decentralized organization of the publishing industry, this has turned out to be quite a bureaucratic journey, which is on its way, but which will not be over in a day.