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Here you will find my collection of accurate and detailed transcriptions as Guitar tabs + Piano sheets + Bass tabs with Chords and Lyrics that will teach how to Play Like The Greats.


... to my little site of digital high-quality transcriptions of Guitar, Piano, Bass, Voice, etc., for Tabs + Chords + Sheet Music + Lyrics.



Dear fellow musician,

Welcome to my little site! Here you will find the most accurate and detailed transcriptions available on the internet.

These show you exactly what the great players do – and how you, too, can Play Like The Greats.

On this site you will not find everything, but you will find nothing but top-quality transcriptions.
And, you get to support one of the transcribers responsible for a lot of the transcriptions spread millionfold across the web.

Next to playing guitar and piano myself, I have been transcribing all kinds of music for the past decade. I guarantee you all the accuracy and detail there is.